Life of DnA

The Life Of DnA...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Last Post On This Blog

This shall be the last post from us on this blog...
There is a good news cos we have got a new blog.......

See you later!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Quick Blog Post

I received a snail mail resume today.

He is 39 years old.

I was flattered. But I wasn't even hiring.

Click on the day: I will not send resume to anyone ever again in my life.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

After A Long Hesistant Wait, We Finally Did It...

It took us about 2 years to decided to get this thing, and finally we made the move to get it.

It's probably nothing major to you but this is one of our 1st step to the single entity, DnA. Yes!! We finally bought the license plate that we always wanted.. a plate that reads DnA and has a unique representation of us. So are you ready for the alphabets and number on it?

It reads "T-28-D-N-A". And below is how it will look on one of our dream car, well more of mine maybe (a Porsche). Well a bit more about why "T-28-D-N-A". As you all know Tan is the surname that both of us will be using for the rest of our life, Hence the "T", 28 has been a favorite number of ours, it means "easy rich fortune" in cantonese and in my life, i see this number appearing on my legal documents and stuff, and even my birthday is 2nd August which makes it even more appropriate. Hmmm... no prize for guessing the right answer for why we have DNA at the back. DnA, DNA, dna of cos it means Daisy aNd Allan.

So there you go, the story of a new beginning.. Single entity DnA. If you did notice, that our current blog and our new blog url has got dna28 inside, so does the wedding site. There are many more of dna28 to come. Soon we promise...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Are You Ready For This?

Like the title of this post, let me ask you are you ready for this? Yesss... its the wedding site of DnA!!!

Sorry for the delay, just been busy. Take a look and hope you like it as much as we do.

See ya!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Had A Glimpse Of The Photo Shoot - Brilliant!!

Here is one of the masterpiece created by KC, the photographer. This is unedited. Stay tuned for the enhanced version by Ian..... (click on image for enlarged version)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wedding Photo Shoot

We left our home at 11am and arrived back at approx 7:45pm.... We had a superb day and we wanna thank:

Ian - the director and Huppy's cousin
KC - photographer
Sham - makeup artist
Daniel - hair stylist

Here is a sneak preview of only one of the outfits and one of the hairstyles that was used in the photo shoot... Cant wait to see the finished article! (p.s. I was so lovin' the whole thing that I forgot about my ankle... now its starting to hurt!!!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nightmare of a valentine's day!!!

Well, here goes the saga!

This morning after we arrived home from meeting Moses (about 12:30am) - we (DnA) were looking for a set of home keys. Basically, to cut the story short, we cant remember whether we had left the keys still attached to the outside door keyhole - when we arrived home earlier on and before we went out to meet Moses... After admitting defeat, and assuming that we had left the keys still in the keyhole and someone had taken the keys - we decided to make it difficult for the potential burglar this morning! We placed one of the wooden chairs just in front of the main door - so that if a burglar were to break in - the chair would make some noise or distract the burglar! This morning Huppy's dad was the first to wake up and obviously wondered why the kitchen chair was there!... We eventually had to have the locks changed - after searching high and low with the rest of the family.... Well, its Valentine's Day and we put the loss of keys behind us!

We went to town - to do some marriage VISA stuff... That went quite smoothly except that we may not be able to get our passports back in time for our cruise next week (which is already booked!). Reason is because the UK VISA dept will be shut during the chinese new year period and the process can take up to 7 working days to complete!!! Ok, nvm....

Then we decided to go clothes shopping and we went to Bugis.... When we arrived at Bugis and shopped, I didnt see a step and I sprained my ankle!!! It hurt at first, but then I thot it was ok... so we put a stop to our shopping and decided to collect our outfits for the photo shoot... So off we trekked to the place to collect these heavy outfits... (Usually, we would have the car - but Huppy's dad was using it today!) Whilst travelling there on MRT - the arm of my sunglasses broke! Typical - its boiling and sunny outside and my sunglasses break! Ok nvm!!!

The more i walked, the more it hurt and my ankle ballooned!!! So after reaching home and waiting for Allan's sister Maggie to return (because she didnt have the new set of keys) - I had to get my foot seen to....

Summary: My ankle is swollen and painful to walk on. It is heavily strapped with ointment underneath the dressing. It's valentine's day! DnA have their wedding photo shoot tomorrow all day (in the studio and outdoors) and I cant even walk properly! The new high heel shoes which I bought esp for the shoot cannot be worn! My skin is at its worse!!! Ummm... I just laughed.... Oh well - at least its a memorable day! Wish us luck for tomorrow...

As for now - I think its best that DnA stay put and dont do anything too exciting for the day!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pre-photoshoot preparations

Today it was the fitting of various wedding gowns and evening wear in preparation for the photo shoot on Thurs.... Thanks to Ian - today was possible...

The picture is just a taster for you guys - an example of the outfits... for the actual professional pics, you'll just have to wait!!!
P.s. excuse the hair and makeup etc... cos its just the clothes fitting!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Eating Trendy Vegetarian food...

Today, DnA, Andy and Auntie were off to Chinatown to shop for mainly wedding stuff.... red pjs, mandarin collar shirts, shoes... A very hectic, hot and busy day... However, we managed to buy what we needed...

Then later we met up with Huppy's Godma Jessica to eat vegetarian food... Firstly, we had this traditional singapore CNY dish whereby there are a lot of ingredients which symbolise good things... the waitress would pour the relevant sauces over the dish whilst say good things like "may you have good health, a prosperous year..." Then, we would mix it in... very fun and tasty!

The other dishes were basically vegetarian food but tasted very similar to actual meat, fish dishes! And they looked really similar too! My fav was the vegie battered king prawn in egg-free mayonnaise!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Needles and Bling Bling!

For the past 2 days since my arrival - my skin has been "exploding" with my allergy rash and nothing seems to keep it at bay (Not even my western medicine!).... So this morning it was a family trip (Huppy, his parents and I) to see a chinese doctor... "You're body is heaty and damp... You must avoid all seafood, egg, milk, heaty fried foods, mushrooms, cold foods/drinks..." Ummm - so exactly what can I eat now?!?!?!? And its so typical - you're on hols and you cant eat anything!! Well, its not that awful - cos when my skin goes bad, my diet is restricted anyway... so I'm sort of used to it.. so looks like it's steamed food for awhile!

Then the doctor asks "I recommend acupuncture - would you be willing to try it?!" My mind went a bit blank and he had to repeat it again!!! Huppy reassured me that it didn't hurt (as he once had it done on his head!)... If you know how wimpish I am over needles - you will understand my worries!!! Well, it had to be done... my skin was bad and I needed to try anything!!... So I had to lay down on the examination bed and he stuck needles along my leg (ankle to knee), then more down my arm (elbow to wrist).. What was the feeling like? It wasn't pain as such... but there was this pressure each time he pierced the needle into the correct area.. You know when you hit a "funny bone" - it was like that... I lay there for over 30mins and certain areas go numb... So, has it helped? Well, the rash and the inflammatory response has gone down a bit... so we'll have to see over these next few weeks! Would I go again? Yeah.. cos it wasn't that bad!

Huppy and I then went shopping alone at another shopping centre, where we looked at some wedding rings....
Half way thru - we met up with Huppy's cousin Andy. The rings were nice! Bling bling! We went to a lot of shops but eventually went back to our favourite design... We had it engraved on the inner side of the ring... cant wait to wear it... not long!!! p.s. The rings below are not the ones we chose, but its sort of the same colour!!! You'll just have to wait!!

Our dinner appointment was in town with Andy, Kritsy and Wen hao... We ate at a Japanese restaurant and talked about random and "what if" stuff... I love these talks... cos its really interesting!!! Another late nighter, bedtime at 3am-ish.... hey, who cares - we're on holiday mode!!!